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Originally Posted by whatdoyouwantandwhy View Post
Is that a bad thing though? I think two riverwalks would be amazing, plus it would only increase the uniqueness that is SA. I hope they add more mosaic into it, I really love that aspect in the Yanaguana gardens.

As for the Frost Bank development. I have a feeling that the western portion of the land owned by the bank will be used as a plaza to connect with the spring. At least I hope thats what Frost does with their development.
You're definitely right on your comment about two riverwalks. It will be nice to be able to get away from all of the hotels and have it look like Museum Reach in the middle of dowtown, less hotels.

But I was thinking of that too! Possibly have the podium with the garage and retail or whatever they are having on the bottom, leading to a garden/plaza down to the creek. Awesome to point that out.
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