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Originally Posted by Udon'tknow View Post
For those of you familiar with Saltine (Farmer's market) they've recently opened a permanent location on Gordon Road. These guys are the best bakery in the city, on par with the former Orange Boot Bakery, and in the same location. They are only open certain days of the week, but if you haven't checked them out I suggest you do if you want some quality bakery eats!
...speaking of Brewed Awakening closing locations, this would be another location they closed, if Saltine is actually in the same location as Orange Boot was (Brewed Awakening bought Orange Boot's assets, and used the location as the bakery for their coffee shops around the city).

[EDIT] I see on their FB page that Saltine says they are located next to Brewed Awakening... so I guess BA is still open. Did they cut the bakery, and just focus this location on coffee? Would be weird to have a bakery open next to a bakery. Unless Saltine is related to BA? I'll have to pop by tomorrow.
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