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Originally Posted by ethereal_reality View Post

And does anyone recognize this car wash?

Los Angeles, 1960s.

I love the astro-space thingy on top. -very cool...very mid-century.
As T2 says, the original picture is mirrored, as is every other copy that I found. The largest version seems to be the one at I cropped the important corner and flipped it.

Detail from image at

The only vintage address I could find for Alert Cleaners is 2000 E Rosecrans Avenue, Compton. Just west of there is the extant Compton Car Wash.


Looking at Historic Aerials, it looks like the curved sculpture was still on the roof up until 2004 (below) - check out the shadow. Sadly, it's gone by the first GSV image in 2007.

Historic Aerials
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