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Originally Posted by AwesomeSAView View Post
Note to Spoiler: Lake/Flato Architects is one of the top architect companies in the nation.

But YOU are entitled to your opinion! It's just a matter of GOOD taste, I guess.
And I for one, LOVE the design!!!
Having the corner of the building closest to the intersection be nothing more than a glassed-in stairwell is not what I want to see in a downtown highrise. The way they're incorporating the old facade is clumsy and looks like what it is, an afterthought due to a bad compromise in the name of historic preservation. All the overhangs and canopies sticking out above doesn't change how that building relates to the street, and what street-level functions the building provides. It's just a matter of GOOD standards, I guess.

Don't worry everybody, as soon as I see something I like I'll let y'all know immediately!
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