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Originally Posted by JayPro View Post
It should be obvious to many here that using floor count as a height determiner in itself is usually bunk.
I'm sure many of us can cite 50+ floorers that easily breach that magic 1000' plateau,

If we were talking office tower, I would agree with you. But if this building is in fact in the 50 plus-story range, at best it would be a 700 footer.

However, its still in development, and I recall many other towers, including One57 and the Nordstrom tower being 50 plus-story towers at one time.

In 1999, the rock palace’s owners were going to close it down and develop a 42-story building designed by Shuman Lichtenstein & Claman, but they canceled the plan and kept producing the lucrative music events.

To create the new tower, Algin has also proposed buying 58,214 transferable rights from the Majestic at 245 W. 44th St. and another 4,015 feet from the Broadhurst Theater at 235 W. 44th St.

Times have changed since the original plan to build a shorter tower. There is already enough space to go high if that were the plan, and the possibility of gaining more air rights could be a sign that they want to push high enough to join the current market of sky high condos in the area.

It's just a question of whether or not they think it's the right area. It's in the line of fire of both the Nordstrom and 220 CPS towers, but they could get a sliver of Central Park views if they got high enough. And its on 53rd street, same as the Tower Verre.

But is this the right site? I just don't know.

More speculation with Google earth...

The slim tower rising in the background (not One57) is the recently completed Marriot (1715 Broadway) at 751 ft, 67 floors.

A look back at Cetra Ruddy's old plans for 107 W. 57th...

The currently empty lot at 107 West 57th Street will soon be home to one of the city’s narrowest tall buildings. Slated for completion in 2014, a mixed-use tower will rise 688 feet in the air from the modest 43-foot-wide by 100-foot-deep site. Developed by JDS Development Group and designed by local architecture firm Cetra Ruddy, the 51-story residential high rise with retail on the first four floors will fit into Midtown’s zoning envelope, its south face stepping and tapering back from the street as it ascends. The firm also designed One Madison Park, the slim tower of stacked cubes on 23rd Street.

“We wanted to create something that would carry its own weight among the Midtown towers, of which there are many,” said John Cetra, a founding partner of Cetra Rudy. In addition to the building’s slender, shard-like character, the architects have given it an active skin treatment that will catch eyes whether up close or from a distance. While the north and south facades will feature floor-to-ceiling transparent glass curtain walls, the lot-line walls, which contain the tower’s reinforced concrete structure, will be clad with dark grey stainless steel panels. The panels are rippled and perforated with a semi-random pattern of holes, which, at night, will reveal a kinetic display of light from thousands of concealed LEDs. “We’re not just exposing a wall of concrete,” continued Cetra. “It’s going to have quite a personality in and of itself. Whatever direction you see it from, it will sparkle with light.”

Containing a total of 105,000 square feet, 107 West 57th Street will have no more than one apartment per floor, including 13 full-floor units, 14 duplexes, and a four-story penthouse.
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