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Originally Posted by MidtownMile View Post
I actually think the squattiness will help in the group. It is not one dominant tower; it is 3 that are more like sculptures in their presence. It's interesting that 1 and 3 especially look like basically the same glass box wrapped in two ways. It is a very nice piece of modern art as well as fine architecture.
That's true... I was bitching about the squattiness, but I think in the context of the entire complex it works much better. Now that the other buildings are being built at Terminus I feel much better about 100; I was just afraid it was going to be like the typical Atlanta multi-stage project where only the first stage is actually built (a la Promenade, Buckhead Plaza, etc.), and IMO Terminus 100 doesn't translate well as a solitary tower due to the lack of height. Other than that it's a beautiful building and it'll look great alongside the other Terminus buildings.