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European architecture school questions..

Hey! My name's Jeff and I'm in my first year of the architectural undergraduate program at the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg, Canada.

We were recently assigned a project in which we have to investigate the spaces where one presents their schoolwork from the architecture program - be it in a formal or informal setting. More specifically, what is the optimum space to present work produced by a student in an architecture prorgram?

Part of the project is to also investigate the spaces given to students in architecture programs around the world and find out how they present their work at their respective institution.

I was assigned to research architecture schools in Europe and I thought that asking some people on this site who are presently studying architecture or have already graduated at a european institution may possibly help me out.

Therefore, if anyone has any information that they could pass along about the presentation/review process of their work at their university would be greatly appreciated! Images of the spaces in question would be amazing to see as well.

If more information is required just message me.

Thank you for your time
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