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To respond:

I'm sorry, but you're incorrect. If you can show me a profitable transit system, I'd love to be proven wrong. Even NYC's transit, arguably the most used and most effecient in the country, is not PROFITABLE. It is a COST, and will always be a COST. That said, it is a cost worth bearing because it has incredible ridership and makes the high-density city livable.

Who cares if it's PROFITABLE anyway? As you pointed out, streets, highways, overpasses, major thoroughfares, etc. aren't PROFITABLE. But they're neccessary because that's how the vast majority of folks in SA get around.

And I agree with you 100% that the amount of money we spend on auto-centric transit is, to steal from Jim Kunstler, and tremendous misallocation of resources. But that won't change until we prove that urbanism is a viable option compared to suburbia. If you think having a cool, functional urban transit system will convince people from Stone Oak to give up their suburban lifestyle, you're crazy!

Re: you're point that "Obviously if your a builder, a good transit system is not necessarily a good thing."...............I'm not sure I understand your point.

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