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it sounds like a vote on the proposed time extension will happen tonight. if the 3 year extension is not granted by the city council, then i don't see evanston ever granting a future approval for any building that would rise significantly above the city's current skyline height. tonight's vote could literally be a now or never moment for a building to ever really poke above the current 275' height of evanston.

Originally Posted by Evanston Now

Aldermen to debate tower time extension
By Lee V. Gaines on Monday, November 11, 2013, at 6:57 am

Evanston aldermen are scheduled to vote tonight on giving developers of the proposed 35-story condo tower on the Fountain Square block an extra three years to start construction.

The planned development at 708 Church St. was initially approved in March 2009 on a 6-3 vote -- the minimum required for the project, which needed a super-majority, two-thirds vote by aldermen.

Since then the composition of the council has changed dramatically.
full article:
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