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Originally Posted by sirkingwilliam View Post
Good stuff!

Can there also be updates on suburban developments or is it strictly downtown projects?
Whatever you like, but stay on topic of development related stuff. This includes highrises, lowrises, retail, transportation, (roads, rails, and airport), and sports stadiums, but keep the "sports talk" out of this thread. Anything that doesn't pertain to San Antonio's development, even population figures or anything else should be posted in its own seperate thread. This thread should be about updated news and facts about ongoing construction projects, and construction images and announcements of new projects. You can still make a post about a new project in its own thread if you like, as well as here and in the city compilation thread. This thread should stay on topic of construction news so as to keep people posted of what's going on.

You can check the Austin Update thread to see what should be posted here.
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