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Originally Posted by Austinite101 View Post
Am I the only one who thinks this looks sorta eh. To be candid, this building reminds me of a slightly smaller version of the student apartment buildings going up in West Campus here in Austin.

Then again, not too familiar with that area. Maybe it would look good in context of the surroundings.
It's a start. I recall that the first "new" residential midrises that were built or proposed in Austin within the last 18 years were very "meh". A couple of them, thankfully, didn't happen with the "dot-com bust". Their heights were modest, but that wasn't what bugged me. They were just very, very basic designs. Pretty much just medium height boxes for people to live in. If this is what Austin had gotten in place of say, the Plaza Lofts, I'd still be happy with it today, while for the last 16 years since the Plaza Lofts were built, I've been wishing something would come along to block the view of it. Those were pioneer projects, of course, so it can't be expected that they'd be too daring design-wise since the fact that they were being proposed at all was daring enough. I should dig out some of the renderings I have of those and post them some day.
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