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Originally Posted by HighRanch View Post
Excited to see more tech companies moving to the Denver area!

Not sure how you define "big tech companies"
You may not be aware of the tech in the DTC as there are not many big signs on the buildings. Here is just a small list of some of the "Big Tech" companies that have a significant presence in the DTC.

Arrow Electronics, SAP, Oracle, HP, Cisco, Zoom, EMC, Ciber, ULA, Microsoft, Agilent Technologies, Teletch, and many more.
The tech employment base is very strong and incredibly diverse throughout the SE corridor, downtown, interlocken, and boulder. That tech has driven significant development in all of those areas as well, mini TOD areas waiting to happen if we can figure out the last mile. Some VERY cool projects going on in Interlocken/Louisville area especially the Partners Group project and their Swiss focus on quality design. They spent a ton of money building out an awesome facility. I think it is done or very close.

Then there is Medtronic in Louisville and some other secret players who are slowly creeping their way through planning. Those are MASSIVE users for the former Phillipps 66 site and methinks they will be a magnet for additional medtech in the entire Denver-Boulder corridor and hopefully the Phillips site gets its own Flatiron Flyer station. Medtronic is a magnet for patents and I suspect our patent office in Denver is a major reason they are consolidating out of Boulder and closer to Denver (not to mention other obvious reasons). I can see a facility of the size they are considering drawing major ancillary uses downtown as well, especially medical related tech, which is so ripe for some tech disruption. Here's to hoping for some dtown action!
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