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Originally Posted by EdwardTH View Post
Honestly the BMO building is beautiful and deserves something better than a bunch of cubicles inside of it so this could end up being a win. The barriers of course are the biggest obstacle to that. If that beautiful building sits empty for years I wonder if the "vote closed" people will start to understand? Probably not but I can hope.
I don't know what is going to end up in there that is any better than its intended purpose, i.e. a bank.

I mean, look at some of the other old banking halls downtown... the old Bank of Nova Scotia is the Vital Stats office. The old CIBC is a semi-abandoned banquet hall. The Bank of Hamilton is civic offices. Others are weekend nightclubs and resto-bars.

Realistically the best case scenario might be that a semi-dignified chain restaurant sets up in there, like maybe some kind of steakhouse. And that's the best case. It would probably end up as something worse.
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