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Originally Posted by Bluenote
90% of the threads are Winnipeg related so I don't see the big fuss. It will look the same. Just without the three Saskatchewan topics going on. I'm all for it.
Originally Posted by Pinus View Post
Saskatoon and Regina only account for a small percentage of conversation in this forum and do not merit their own sections at this point. Winnipeg dominates by a wide margin which is why the suggestion is being made.
If you took the time to look at this forum's thread listing and went through top 20 threads on it right now, there are 11 Winnipeg threads, 7 Saskatchewan threads, a general mixed thread and this thread.

I'm not sure how 55% suddenly turned into 90%.

And I never said giving three seperate subforums was a good idea, all I said is that's how it would be fair, given the three major cities within this region. I voted No to the poll because the volume of threads in this section doesn't deserve subforums.