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Originally Posted by fflint View Post
In what crazy world are 400 and 500 ft. towers "low rise"?

I love the massing of the proposed tower.
I do travel quite frequently and off the top of my head, Dubai, Shangahi, NY ect.. But everyone is entitled to their opinion. I also like the cluster and from the street view, it will look more urban.

Originally Posted by peanut gallery
tech12 - that would be good news!
Definitely. I'm thinking that maybe the total height of the building is the 400 foot tower + the 85 foot podium, which would come out to 485 feet. That seems to fit for 44 stories plus a crown...but the height limit there is only 400 feet (plus another 100 for a crown/spire). I wonder what the deal is with that.

Originally Posted by fflint
In what crazy world are 400 and 500 ft. towers "low rise"?
lol seriously. Maybe the skythelimit lives in an alternate universe where every highrise is a supertall.

There is a world outside of SF and other cities, Shangahi, Beijing, Jeddah are doing some interesting stuff with height and design. So, as I travel Internatinal at least six times a year to these and other cities, they are impressive. No alternate universe. Born, raised and live in SF.