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Walked around the Jefferson @Kessler yesterday. Wow, what a beautiful area. The view from there is awesome too. Anyone know how the rent is there? High because it's in the Kessler area and lower than it should be because it's in Oak Cliff?

Don't have a recent Montane pic, but just picture the roof of the Crescent or Vendome, with brick exactly like the building on it's right in the pic (also a Drexel property). Not finished yet, but looking very nice.

As for the list:

-there's something else going up north of the Lofts @ Las Colinas. As soon as a sign goes up, I'll tell see what it is.

-A little to the north on O'Connor and Royal, the La Villita mixed-use village is under construction. Supposed to have condos, townhomes, apts and zero-lot detached homes ala Lake-Forest.

- 5225 Maple is very under-construction, and looking very good. Lots of land clearing and construction going on in that area. Apparently Parkland and UT Southwestern own a lot of that land. There's another crane at UT Southwestern currently. I know they are supposed to build six tower in all, so maybe they are ready to start the second.

- Camden Farmers Market Phase - II is very much underway. One day in Aug, they just slapped a sign at the corner of Taylor and Good-Lattimer. The next day, they started digging with a one digger and 2 truck crew. Put in the drainage, and left for a month. Since then they have built the surrounding street, complete with brick sidewalk, park benches, and streetlights. Very identical to the current streets. I'll try to get a pic from above one of these days.

- Don't know if 2525 McKinnon is finished inside or not, but I've read a few stories about it almost being fully leased back in August.

- LBJ tunnel is a go that was announced, and they are actually finished digging core samples. Supposed to be from the high five to just west of the DNT. This is the same stretch of LBJ that will be totally renovated at the same time. The west side of the High Five is super wide and looks like it could handle 20+ lanes. Officials have said the LBJ mainlains will begin after the flyovers are completed, so we should get our first clues on how they handle the entrance/exit soon.

- Building 7C on the West Village rendering is actually under construction already. Not many details have been given as to the look of the structure, but it's supposed to have Borders I think, and a bank on the lower levels, with apts/condos above. It was also announced that they would add more apts to the site.
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