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Originally Posted by KevinFromTexas View Post
I've always had my doubts about that height. It would be very rare to find a 23-story residential building as tall as 368 feet. The Broadway Tower, for example, has only three fewer floors but is only 282 feet tall. The Towers on Park Lane appear more prominent than other buildings do because the site where it stands is at a higher sea level elevation than they are. The sea level elevation of this new building is 667 to 668 feet above sea level, while the Broadway Tower's site is 692 feet to 706 feet above sea level, but the Towers on Park Lane stands at 760 to 764 feet above sea level - nearly 100 feet higher than the site of this new building. The location of the Towers on Park Lane is more than 100 feet higher above sea level than just about any site in downtown.
By "close" I mean I've been at ground level near both buildings. I'm not saying the Towers on Park Lane are necessarily almost 100 feet taller than the Broadway, but in terms of presence, the Towers were more impressive. Just always seemed like a bigger building. I'm skeptical at the suggestion that it's shorter.

I am actually a fan of this proposal, by the way. It does look similar to the office towers coming into Houston, as others have mentioned, but the clean aesthetic looks great IMO, and you can't argue with the height increase.
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