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Originally Posted by mitchellk12 View Post
because people here prefer to drive themselves everywhere. im guilty of it myself, not intentionally but it just happens. 6 of us go to the rush game or some pub/place to eat, we all drive in seperate cars, depending on the friend, ill pick them up or vise versa, but even some of my friends/acquaintances, its still " ill meet you there" type talk.

speaking for sasktel centre-- if we used the school busses that we used for garth brooks last summer, id utilize that also. or implement some park and ride system.

people here are just lazy altogether ( not pointing at you folks ). no one wants to walk/ride bikes/transit except a tiny fraction because its too hard or far our city was and will forever be built on driving cars, its not changing anytime soon
I don't believe that. I think that if buses were a relatively hassle free, convenient option more would take them to events. But they're not even offered. What you need is a bus only loop that drops people off at the arena and a pick-up area where it is easy to find/load your bus back to your stop.

Ridership in Regina isn't much different than in Saskatoon. I guarantee you that a lot of people who take the football express only get on a bus going to and from Rider games.

It's easy to say that people won't take them, but if it's a better option, they will.
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