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My new office is almost directly across the street from this tower. It will be a delight to see it rise.

Interestingly enough, my cousin lived in one of the townhouses that was razed for this building to go up. A loss for him (he rented, didn't own!) but a gain for the area.

I've heard that the developer bought another building to expand the footprint of this tower. Is that the remaining warehouse-type structure still standing, or have they already taken the aforementioned building down?

There is a development site directly across the street from this tower (on the western side of Varick) - excavation is underway as I type this - I believe it's a commercial development. If what I have heard is true - they're going to develop the park adjacent to it - directly across the street from 565 Broome. It seems as if the renderings confirm that rumor.

The mini park across the street + the adjacent development site.