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Originally Posted by headhorse View Post
the developers mentioned that it would be the total "height" of a 55 floor building, so at an average of 10 feet per floor you get 550 feet/168 meters
The height of a 55 floor building is different for office, condo and mixed-use.
The developers over hyping this... you think?
Just State the height Mr.Developer.
Aura in Toronto is 78 floors, but it will be almost 900ft.
The new Brookfield tower in Calgary is 56 floors but will be over 800ft.
Living Shangri-La in Vancouver is 66 Floors and is 646 ft.
432 Park in New York is 88 floors, but will be 1400ft!
it goes on...

BTW; waited for something this height in Winnipeg since I was a kid...a long time ago.
Great to see something taller than that mess of of 30 floor boxes on the corner of Portage and Main!