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Originally Posted by ThatOneGuy View Post
It's amazing how many people actually think 'brutalism' came from the word 'brutal.'
I know where it comes from (Benton Brut), but I tell all my non-architecture nerd friends that it comes from "brutal", just so they know it is actually a style. It seems to stick in their heads more when you explain things simply and I want people to know this is it's own style, something unique, something different, because it is then a lot easier to rally people to save something there is only a limited supply of. Everyone seems to think these things are a dime a dozen, but there are really very few surviving, unmodified, buildings in the Brutalist style around at least in Chicago.

It's just like how people were able to rally around "first Chicago school" architecture or "Prairie Style architecture" or "Victorian" architecture because the average person is at least somewhat capable of comprehending these as significant styles that are never coming back and can never be replaced once they are gone.
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