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Oh! How could I forget?

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Going way back... there was a bar on Broad - Regina's first (maybe only?) gay bar with the entrance off the back alley appropriately called "The Rear Entry". I think it later moved the entrance to the street and became the Candy Cane Disco (see I'm going way back). I think it might have been all ages before the term was common, but I never went there - I despised Disco! Schnitzel Haus ruled!

Even further back in the 70's, the Regina Folk Music Guild Coffee House was located in the basement of Sammy's Pizza in the River Heights Shopping Center. I believe that is where Colin (James) Munn first performed when he was about 8 years old. There's also the Teacher's club in the basement of the same shopping center that became popular with non-teachers in the 90's.
There was another private club on Broad Street (around 14th?), above some store or restaurant (I don't remember which). The Saskatchewan Cultural Exchange Society "The Exchange" hosted local singer songwriters like Bob Evans. I think I remember it burning down in the early eighties, and there is a drug store or something there now. I think the Exchange moved to the warehouse district around Lorne and 6th? and is now where the Regina Jazz Society holds events.
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