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Originally Posted by UrbanTrance View Post
There are still a lot of vacant lots around these towers. Hopefully a domino like effect starts once these get rolling.

(Imagery from Google Earth)

One view of urban design is thinking of downtown areas as urban outdoor rooms defined by façade walls and where people gather or inhabit, but this "room" is instead a massive parking lot 1,400 ft. on its longest unobstructed diagonal and some 980 ft. wide with river view frontage. Even the single-story car dealerships and gas stations that in a bygone era were at the sharply triangular corners have been paved over.

Originally Posted by SAguy View Post
Nice but it would have been better to have a 40+ tower.
I almost wish "the dominoes" toppled such that the two towers instead spread out into 4-story buildings filling out most of the blocks while leaving largely unobstructed views. However, I too will happy to take two proposed towers, especially over that hideous low-rise garage they had last shown, and hope they help spur further development in this area.
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