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Originally Posted by optimusREIM View Post
Nothing wrong? You have like 100 metres of merge lane to go from 30 to 110. PLUS, there's traffic that also has to decelerate from 110 to 30, and it all takes place in the same 100 metre stretch of road. That's an accident waiting to happen.
I think I see your problem. none of the speeds you mention are the correct speeds.

It's not 30 to 100 or vice versa. It's 100 through the cloverleaf at 40, and then back up to 60


into the cloverleaf at 40, accelerate out and through the merge lane and exit at the end of the merge lane at 100.

Very easy. The problem is with traffic that hits the merge lane and stops. BUt that's a driver, not a design issue.
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