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Originally Posted by Dengler Avenue View Post
I saw them proposing diamond at Portage Avenue and shook my head really hard...
Originally Posted by optimusREIM View Post
That one seems strange unless you consider the long term plan to have highway traffic use the headingly bypass to be built to the north.

There's really no need for Portage to be free flowing there, especially once that bypass gets built (if ever, fingers crossed)
Originally Posted by esquire View Post
I took a look at the revised plan and had these thoughts:

-Why convert the 100/Portage cloverleaf into a diamond? It's already a cloverleaf, so why mess with it?
Portage and the Perimeter lacks the land needed to be expanded. The plan calls for six lanes on the Perimeter at that location. What is likely being done is build up the ramps to add a through lane on the outside and use the existing bridge decking merge lanes as new through lanes.

Also as mentioned, the Centreport/Headingley bypass route will be the high speed route with the commercial truck traffic. Portage Ave will become more of a local collector street access instead of the main western route out of Winnipeg.

Originally Posted by esquire View Post
-100/Wilkes looks comically big in its expanded form... I wonder what justifies having it swallow up that much land? You could fit a small town in its footprint.
The challenge with Wilkes is the close proximity to the rail line to the north. Currently Wilkes to NB Perimeter has merging traffic exit a speed limiting hairpin turn and then have the merge lane end almost immediately with through traffic doing a posted, and often exceeded, 100 KM/H. The SB Perimeter flow has a similar challenge with the current exit being in the blind spot for through traffic about halfway down the ramp. It is a dangerous situation as traffic in that same lane does not have proper time to react to changing conditions. Making both those ramp points further south of Wilkes lets SB traffic slow and exit more safely while giving NB traffic longer to get up to speed and safely merge into the traffic flow.
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