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Originally Posted by buzzg View Post
I don't understand a lot of the "semi-abandoned" sentiment toward the Millennium Centre. There's weddings and events there quite frequently. Sure WOW! isn't the most exciting operator, but the space is fairly well used.

One problem with it though is the sound is absolutely atrocious. Can't really hear any amplified music. BMO would likely have the same issue. I also agree a restaurant wouldn't be the worst use of the space.
I say semi-abandoned in that there have been no renovations done to the place... it was basically left in state in 1969 and the office space, etc. all has the air of an abandoned building.

I mean, it's great that the building is used from time to time and that the place is still heated and secured, etc., but it's pretty well the opposite of 'highest and best use'.

A restaurant wouldn't be the worst use for the BMO banking hall but it sure wouldn't be the best use either. Maybe one of the credit unions can step in and save it and keep using it as a banking hall space...
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