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Originally Posted by kool maudit View Post
For Copenhagen, where I lived until recently, I always liked Lyngby; had I stayed, I would have considered living there.
thanks for the tour from the other side of the pond!

not being terribly familiar with european suburbia at all, i have a question for you. are there suburban areas in europe that display that typical north american streetcar suburban feel, like that side street in shorewood that i posted above?

you know, detached houses on long thin rectangular lots organized on an orthogonal street grid, grass lawns out front, no front yard fences/hedges, sidewalk separated from the street by a parkway/tree lawn, etc.

it seems like most of the time when i see suburban residential side streets from europe, the whole arrangement just looks and feels so very different.

i guess what i'm asking is the north american streetcar suburb typology exclusively a north america thing?
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