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Originally Posted by Shawn View Post
s Brookline ranges from this level of urbanity (Coolidge Corner at 60,000 pp sq mile) all the way to genteel New England rolling country club hills (Oak Hill at a few $30 million estates per sq mile), and everything in between
where are you getting that 60,000 number from?

the densest census tract i can find in brookline is tract 4009 at ~29,500 ppsm. that's still extremely respectable for a burb, but 60,000 ppsm is another level of urban.

but yeah, brookline is a weird hybrid. the 7 smaller northern tracts are all quite urban in the 20,000 -30,000 ppsm range, then you have 3 middle tracts in the 10-15,000 ppsm, and finally the two large southern tracts in the 2,500 ppsm range.

that's quite a density spectrum for a 6.8 sq. mile burb . i can't think of any burbs in chicago quite like that. i mean, like you said, there are full-blown country estates in the southern end of brookline that are a mere 4.5 miles from boston city hall. you don't see shit like that in chicagoland until you're like 20 miles outside of downtown.
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