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Chicago is well represented here, so I'll do some other cities I'm familiar with.


I'll go with Waltham (I don't think Brookline, Cambridge, Somerville or Chelsea count).!8i6656


Slim pickings, but I think I'd go with Wauwatosa.!8i6656

Bay Area:

Palo Alto has nice aesthetics:!8i6656
although it's a bit too bougie. At least there are no longer like 20 Persian rug stores on University Ave like there were 10 years ago. I actually liked the California Ave strip more (!8i6656) when I lived there. Not sure it really counts as a suburb though given all the jobs there.

I also like San Carlos's vibe:!8i8192


Not really a suburb (maybe) but Stoughton has a nice little downtown:!8i6656

Maybe one day it'll get rail service again:!8i6656
And here the air that I breathe isn't dead. Trump delenda est.
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