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Originally Posted by Steely Dan View Post
^ i don't know that it's necessarily about racing places against each other.

for me, it's about celebrating more traditional pre-war development patterns in the burbs wherever we can find them, be it 19th century new england towns absorbed into a metropolis or early 20th century railroad burbs strung like little pearls across the prairie.

the bottom line is that i just enjoy seeing places like these. and there are only 4 metros in the US with large legacy commuter rail systems that have been in operation since the 19th century where you see this pattern of large-scale railroad suburb development radiating out over giant swaths of the metro area in all directions (NYC, chicago, boston, and philly).
I totally agree, by comparing I'm simply pointing out the differences, no "racing" involved.

Chicago's burbs reflect the later time in which they were built. Hence the different architecture and layout, as well as the wider streets.

Boston's burbs reflects its own time. It's nice to appreciate the differences
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