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Originally Posted by prairieguy View Post
Boy....lots of conjecture on the Regina thread about a H & M store opening in Cornwall Centre in Regina. If these rumours are true, I have to say I am a little bit surprised that Regina would get one before Saskatoon, as Saskatoon seems to be getting the major chains stores in advance of Regina lately...but maybe one will be coming to Saskatoon as well, when an appropriate space opens up (downtown I would hope!). Maybe where the American Apparel on 21st street was, but I think that is still too small for H & M.
If one were to open downtown, the Midtown Plaza would be the best spot, as far as accessibility and location. But the only unit in the mall that is big enough to house an H&M would be where Sportchek is currently located on the second floor. Plus it would have a few street facing windows.

As for the American Apparel Location, I think it could be viable, but they would almost certainly need to acquire Manhatten casuals location nextdoor and/or use the second floor for additional floor space, which is possible as most European locations are split amoungst many floors in old buildings.
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