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[QUOTE=Tosin007;7306977]Ya I agree with you that was a pretty interesting read, wow the Gun culture is just so different in the U.S. I'd say Realistically few people own Guns up here in Canada. & The Majority of People that do are either law enforcement or Criminals (The small percentage of them anyways). Most Canadian Gun owners have long Guns I think. (Someone correct me if I'm wrong).

I think that this is factually wrong. Lots of Canadians own guns. You just probably don't know them. I know of lots of hunters around the Québec City area. In Calgary, it is the same. The difference is that Canadians don't own handguns (very much) and really do use guns for hunting.

For the Record, Québec City and Levis are both at 0 murders for 2016 (as of Feb. 1).
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