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Originally Posted by Stormer View Post
Hopefully someone can find an actual full schedule. I assume you would generally need to travel through their YWG hub. It would be nice to see the connection times. I think they have just a few p[lanes so it should be pretty simple
I just put in a couple days and tried various destinations. Looks like they are offering a direct flight from Saskatoon to Abbotsford on Fridays. Leaves Saskatoon at 11:40 am lands at 11:42 and returns back right after landing, departing at 12:30.

So not everything will be routed through Winnipeg which is nice. A list of when they fly what routes would be helpful in trying to book though. I'm sure it will be coming in the days to follow.

Doubt I'll fly with them all that often but always nice to have a little more competition in the market. They also say on their site that they'll be flying to some sun destinations as well in the future.
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