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Originally Posted by Nathan View Post
Airside as in terminal or? I just flew into Regina on the 25th and left on the first back to Toronto. Didn't have any negative feelings towards the airport visually, unless Skydive is talking about the monkey bars of steel?

I hope there is a plan for the jetways to get new carpet and maybe some signage inside or maybe glass extensions. I had a stop over in Winnipeg on my way to Toronto and the new glass bridges to and from the aircraft are beautiful!!!!! They did a fantastic job with that airport.

Another thing I noticed was the fact that Regina right now doesn't have a common use area regarding your plane coming in and then getting off the bridge to an area to connect to another flight. Right now if you do have a connecting flight you either will make the wrong decision to exit down to the baggage area in which you will have to redo security or to walk around the hallway confused regarding where to go. This happened as I observed to 8 people while I was waiting for my flight out of Regina. It was like they were fish in a glass bowl swimming around in circles with no where to go lol. Does anyone know if this problem will be addressed in the expansion design?
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