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Though we are a bit skeptical that Gage’s 41 West 57th design will go forward, the firm’s project page lists its status as “ongoing.” Mark Gage tells us that they must stay mum on the details but the design was commissioned by a developer to see what might be possible in terms of ultra-luxury on that site. The depicted scheme does rise from a legitimate block-through development site comprised of the addresses 41-43 West 57th Street and 50 West 58th Street. The latter address held the home of the national women’s Jewish organization, Hadassah, who sold its building in 2012 for $71.5 million to the mysterious LLC, BOB 57. According to a 2012 Wall Street Journal story, Hadassah can occupy the 60,000 square-foot building for up to three years after the sale date but afterwards the building, along with two others parcels, will be redeveloped into a retail, office, hotel or condominium tower.
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