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Originally Posted by whatdoyouwantandwhy View Post
The HDRC may be seen as a hassle to developers, but San Antonio has many other more influential factors that can be associated with the lack of development in our urban core. What amazes me is how a city which was touted as one of the most unique cities in the U.S. prior to the 20th century is now viewed as lackluster by many people today. The fact is many of the cities oldest and most cultural neighborhoods were razed during the 20th century. These policies left only the bare-bones of the area's culture and urban fabric and this created many of the problems we are seeing today for our "lackluster" city. The city and it's people are finally realizing these mistakes and by rehabilitating the San Antonio river, San Pedro creek, and Hemisfair park maybe locals will move back in. While the city may never recover it's lost culture and urban fabric, I am optimistic for our future. San Antonio is just an old rebel that runs on it's own time.
Very well said. Thank you.
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