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Originally Posted by kornbread View Post
San Antonio has been following the practice of growing the tax base by annexing newer developments, as opposed to working on improving the inner city and creating an environment that raises property values.

In my opinion, this encourages sprawl making the city more difficult to manage, shifts investment to the outlying areas where the city ends up footing the bill for inadequate infrastructures.

On the other hand, it did allow the city to make some decisions (mostly not the best) on recharge areas and prevent a development close to the Bracken bat cave.

Would it be better for the city to be smaller with suburban communities, or should they continue annexation?
I think it's great that San Antonio can annex so much developed land. Most cities can only wish they could capture more tax base. The areas that get annexed are going to end up with suburban style development anyway. So it's best that San Antonio can collect the property and sales taxes. Plus, there's no reason why San Antonio can't develop a denser urban core regardless of what goes on in the areas getting annexed.
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