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And it boggles the mind why they never put the NB to WB ramp back into service. It's been unused for going on 20 years. And, potentially, could have saved a life without the north set of lights..
The original overpass comes under the Blue team's (Cons.) playbook in the section "What the Hell we're they thinking?". Notably, a senior official in the Conservative camp was lamenting to the Minister of Highways about the hell of a wait that he had to endure while going the North Perimeter from his St. James residence to his cottage at Hillside Beach. Consequently, the North 59 overpass was born and if memory serves correctly, this was the very first three lane bridge in Manitoba. (My apologies to the NDP Party accusing them of being the first with the Dugald bridge over the floodway.)

The reason why the WB portion was closed and re-routed Northward was, the sharp turning radius coupled with the sloped gradient of the bridge approach caused 18 wheelers to lose traction during winter icy conditions and spin out or jackknife, thus blocking the roadway and tying up traffic. A left-hand turn was found to be a better solution. (Tell that one to Crystal's family.)

That clap-trap of a bridge has been the major stopping block for development of the North Perimeter for the past 25 years. Apparently, they believe that there is value in that outdated POS, bearing in mind, wasn't it (the NDP), the jerkoffs that tore down a five year old bridge on South 59 at the floodway because it didn't conform to their 700 year flood plan??? HUH! WTF.
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