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Madison, WI has a sick skyline:

Its not very tall, but each building is very high quality and it is located on an Isthmus where excellent views of the skyline abound from all directions. The reason the skyline is relatively low and uniform is that Madison has a height restriction limiting the buildings to the crest of the the Capitol Building dome so that the dome will always be the sole peak of the skyline.

I'm very conflicted about the height restriction because Madison could certainly support some very tall buildings and has already begun to take on the aire of Paris with just solid 5-10 story buildings across much of the city. However, I don't want it lifted because the crown jewel capitol dome effect would disappear rapidly. I've always thought it would be interesting if they lifted it in the area of the University of Wisconsin campus where the most development pressure seems to be. That would be off to the side and away from the capitol dome and would satisfy the demand for the tallest buildings.
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