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Originally Posted by A4Regina View Post
anyone know if this could make a dent in our skyline? Im thinking it will
Well, I was hoping it would make a bump out from our skyline ...

This is great news! I hope more projects like this come about to increase the population density of downtown and surrounding area enough to make possible amenities like a local supermarket, indoor farmers market, entertainment, etc.! Those would be value added to downtown to attract even more residents, business clients, tourists, etc.!

Originally Posted by BrannyMuffin View Post
I still laugh when I see the sign for their sushi restaraunt-kinda screams food poisoning to me!
Yaa ... Some of the older buildings have cockroaches in them, like the one my wife's sister lived in downtown (it's even a nice, higher-end, apartment suites building! The suite she was living in was provided to her by her company, over several years!) before her company moved her back to T.O. Not an infestation, but a few occasional, sporadic encounters. (Boy! Those things can move fast! ) That idea scares my wife, who formerly dormed at U of T, downtown, and had similar experiences, as is so common in certain places of T.O. and almost any other established neighbourhoods -- so we steer clear! Mind you, that restaurant seems like a popular place with some younger set of people (my nephew and his highschool buddies)! I hope I didn't fill you young'n's minds with too much info!

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