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Nothing wrong with the skyline that filling in a few gaps couldn't fix.

I really think the only reason SA's skyline suffers is because its in the same state as Dallas and Houston. Among Southwestern cities its not noticeably lacking in height, and actually compares well with some larger cities/metro areas like Sacramento, Orlando, Phoenix, Portland. I'm talking pure height here, not urbanity or quality of downtown living or recreating.

I used to think SA needed to get some 500'-600' towers downtown like yesterday, but after seeing the quality and beauty that can go into a "short" development like the Vistana, I'm more of a mindset that a 17-25 story building can be just as good if it interacts well with the street and the surrounding buildings. Lets focus on getting people in downtown and eat up some surface parking however we can, and leave the you-know-what measuring to other cities
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