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Originally Posted by tgannaway89 View Post
Isn't a large portion of that going to be section 8?
Actually, all phases are mixed-income, even the townhomes. 49 are going to be public housing, 12 will be affordable housing, and the rest, 184 will be market rate. Not exactly section 8 housing but it is a SAHA project, part of the reason it got the money to be built.

Having grown up in that area as a kid, I can tell you that this is definitely a step up from the 660 units that were public housing in the old Victoria Courts.

Most housing that takes place early in revitalization has to be affordable and at the most market rate. The goal is for SAHA to act as a sort of catalyst to increase density that will hopefully add to residential services needed in the DT area once a certain level of mass is acheived. Once there is an increase in density and resident services are added, then you can add the above-market-rate housing which is usually when the private projects come in to play. Its all a step in the entire process.

Keep this in mind becasue SAHA owns land on the Museum Reach and might be one of the first to announce a project in the area since they have more access to city grants, HUD grants and Federal funding.
Now I believe the entire Union Stockyards apartments are going to be entirely affordable housing.
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