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Originally Posted by emathias View Post
100,000 workers in 3,500,000 square feet? Only 35 square feet per worker? Probably only 24 per worker after you subtract out hallways and such? I find that really hard to believe, even by cramped cubicle standards. Not to mention how would you move 100,000 people in and out of one relatively thin building in a day? Sears Tower has about 10,000 workers, and it has over 4 million square feet, so I'm assuming that 100,000 was a typo.
I think that was just a misquote in the press. The actual NYSE wouldn't have been located in the tower, but in the smaller lowerise structure next to it. It was probably a referenct to the complex as a whole.

The NYSE ultimately decided to build their own tower, and was well on their way (with help from the city and state) to building a 900 ft tower accross the street from its current headquarters. Then came 9/11, and that tower was canceled out of fears.
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