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Please don't take this personally, but I think many people (myself included) feel strongly about projects like this. I mean, really, all this big box chain retail......Best Buy, Target, Lowe's, Old Navy............with the standard chain restaurants on the pads out's bizarre to me that people are "proud" that San Antonio is getting it's 5th Best Buy........and it's 20th we're not a "legit" big city without every major highway/thoroughfare intersection..........

And, of course, all these projects are completely auto-dependent. That's irrefutably counter to good urbanism. And bad urbanism ultimately yields a bad city.

Something to think about: France has 2.3 sf of retail per person. The U.K. has 2.5. The USA has over 20. Do we really need this much shopping? Might we be better served by trying to build human-scaled places where retail is only a small part of the fabric of the neighborhood?

I love your enthusiasm for development, but I believe that one type of development pattern is irrefutably superior to the other as a human habitat.

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