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So the sales tax around here is usually 8.25% or something close to that, yet some places around here will try to act as though with an extra value meal that's 5.25, that with tax it's 6.25, even though there's no way in hell there would be a full dollar's tax for something that's 5.25... (the correct amount would be 5.68 and not 6.25)

Which is how I feel about these calculations. Not only do I not believe them for a second, I don't believe them for half a second either.

Let's knock the height down some more, how about 100 more feet. For a building that's supposed to be 546' to the tip of the spire supposedly, does that mean every other building is ALMOST 100 feet shorter than what we've been led to believe. If not, why is that not the case with every other building. I can believe that maybe there's a 20-30 foot difference in any case with other buildings not being 100% to scale with the blueprints, but not when the difference is approaching the hundred mark (546'/457').

If that were the case with the JP Morgan Chase tower, well, it would only be around 910' feet, if it were the case with the Tower of the Americas, well, it would just be a 500 footer of one kind or another. This just in, Marriott Rivercenter, world's shortest building.

I don't care about the logic in this either, it still looks taller than anyone is willing to give it credit for. What happens when someone tries to act as though a building is almost 200 feet shorter than what it is. Though it's extremely unlikely, I'd consider that to be where this slippery slope is headed.
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