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I hate to kill your work here, nothing personal, but being pro SA-as I am- I would much rather leave things as they are baring some truly scientific recalculation. As a construction manager, I can tell you construction is not an exact science. Buildings deviate from blueprints, in many ways, including height.

I think the task of determining building heights through interpolation/scaling and low quality pictures is a bit harder to do than you think. One, you really do not have two known values. What I mean by this is, who is to say BOA plaza is 387’ (0-387’) when the majority of the other heights are apparently wrong? Two, this principle assumes we have a constant rate of change. I can guarantee, this condition does not exist since the camera is not equidistant from each of the buildings, thus no equal rate of change. Third, you assume over 77’ feet per centimeter, that’s got to produce a large MOA.

You would do better to review building permits downtown or buying a laser range finder with a GPS.
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