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Oh, and about sea levels rising... the Arctic ice sheets are mostly floating. If they melt, sea levels will not rise. Ice occupies more volume than water.

Greenland' ice sheets largely rest below sea level in the interior of what would be otherwise an archipelago. Not that they are even melting, mind you. The central Greenland ice sheet is actually still thickening. Precipitation is freezing onto it, and for the time being it is going nowhere.

Antarctica? Well that continent happens to have an average elevation of 4,000 metres above sea level. Temperatures never go above zero in the interior, even in summer. Antarctica is so damn cold global temperatures would have to rise 20 C just to make that continent like the Arctic.

There will be loss of ice cover in the Arctic, and on the Antarctic Peninsula, yes.

But this will not result in catastrophic worldwide flooding. There will be no gondolas in NYC this century.

Does this mean we should not restrict pollution? I say no. But I am more concerned about smog and ground-level ozone than global warming. The former have immediate deleterious effects on health, the latter is a more abstract bogeyman.

Anyway, Dubai's change in the last few years is stunning.
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