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New imagery...

Originally Posted by vegasrain84 View Post
Its a stainless steel giant sex toy without windows, What do you want from me people! lol.. I distinguished between the floors, and from the drawings I had to work with, it looks as though there aren't any real distinct windows.. I could change it if it would make you happy.. jeesh..
I own the advertising/creative agency working for the developer on the Las Vegas Tower project. The renderings Mr. Milam linked to in his log were largely produced by us.

I'm happy to provide an elevation rendering of the project to VegasRain to include in the height comparison graphics (replacing the current building image). Those are well-done, informative graphics and I just want to ensure that you have the most current LVT image.

I'll try to have something up this evening that you can use (tiff image with alpha?). Let me know if you need anything else.

Our main priority is to ensure that the project is presented as accurately as possible from a visual standpoint.