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Originally Posted by atxsnail View Post
That Green Line in Boston is ancient and it shows. I think most of the trains on that line don't even have level boarding so it takes everyone a few extra seconds to get on. They also feel pretty cramped to begin with.
Per Wiki

"With an average daily weekday ridership of 152,200 in 2019, it is the second most heavily used light rail system in the country. The line was assigned the green color in 1967 during a systemwide rebranding because several branches pass through sections of the Emerald Necklace of Boston.
The four branches are the remnants of a large streetcar system, which began in 1856 with the Cambridge Horse Railroad and was consolidated into the Boston Elevated Railway several decades later. The branches all travel downtown through the Tremont Street subway, the oldest subway tunnel in North America. The Tremont Street subway opened its first section on September 1, 1897, to take streetcars off overcrowded downtown streets; it was extended five times over the next five decades."

Yes, the oldest subway tunnel in the USA was initially built for horse powered trolleys converting to electric powered trolleys.
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