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Originally Posted by SproutingTowers View Post
Hopefully Capital Metro puts in some thought for the future ridership where in Boston the metro gets overcrowded with many unable to get on the trains. This happened to me in trying to get to Fenway Park and resorted to use Uber. Have refections on when SH 130 was built where people said no one would use it but years later its congested and now adding a third lane.
That Green Line in Boston is ancient and it shows. I think most of the trains on that line don't even have level boarding so it takes everyone a few extra seconds to get on. They also feel pretty cramped to begin with.

Special events like a baseball game will always have this problem to some extent. The Red Line will definitely have this issue when McKalla station is operational. Auditorium Shores could also have this issue during special events. Luckily the Orange and Blue lines should run so frequently that anything at UT or downtown should be a breeze. And like Freerover said, the tunnel will go a long way toward keeping things moving efficiently.
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